becomes AVA software.

Moody Fayed, the prestigious investor who specialises in successful tech start-ups including: Telecoms - Nokia (FIN), Motorola (USA), Blackberry (CA), Swisscom (CH) and Alcatel (FR), among other companies. Biotechnology - Serono (CH), Eastman Kodak (USA), Sanofi Pharma (FR) and Novartis (CH), among others. Internet - Netflix (USA), PayPal (USA), Twitter (USA), Facebook (USA) and Zynga (USA), among others.Start-ups - Nestlé Shop (CH), YOOX (IT), Withings (FR), Happn (FR), PlayerPro (USA), Base Vocale (USA), Storia (USA), has taken the initiative and demonstrated his confidence in our concept and our technology.



He has decided to invest significantly in YACHTSIDE Solutions and has immediately made major changes to allow for new developments and to take our software to the next level:

  • YACHTSIDE Solutions becomes AVA Software Ltd, a company headquartered in Singapore.
  • Capital increases of $250,000 in Singapore and $300,000 in Thailand.
  • Investments & organisation of fundraising
  • Exclusive business focus on software development.
  • Improved teams: developers and marketing
  • Software updates to international standards

All-In-One SOFTWARE aims to provide:

  • Software which is specific to yacht charter agencies to simplify the daily management of their fleet and to give them a way to tackle "marketplace" platforms.
  • Software which is specific to professional tourism properties to enable them to implement yacht charters and to help them to transform a provided service into a lucrative service.
  • Software which develops an international ecosystem between tourism professionals and yacht charter central agencies.

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